Medvision : Kuwait
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Capital : Kuwait City

Area : 17,820 Km2

Population : 3,560,000

Health > Health Care

A network of local clinics and polyclinics provides primary health care to the people. Foreign residents are entitled to treatment here. The clinics deal with preliminary examinations and routine matters.

Public Hospitals

Kuwait is divided into five Health Regions. Each region has a general hospital -- the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait City, Jahra Hospital in Jahra, Farwaniyah Hospital in Farwaniyah, Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital in Jabriya, and Adan Hospital in Fahaheel. Each general hospital provides an outpatient service and a 24-hour emergency service.

Kuwait also has several speciality hospitals, covering a range of specialisations from chest and heart diseases to neuro-surgery and cancer treatment.

Dental Clinics

The main public dental clinic is behind the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait City. There are many other public dental clinics throughout the country; most of which are attached to local medical clinics.

Free Services and New Charges

Kuwaitis receive all medical services at government clinics and hospitals free of charge. Before 1994, expatriates were also entitled to free medical services, but now they are charged for certain non-emergency procedures. All emergency and outpatients services are still free for expatriates. They are not charged for medication provided by government hospital pharmacies on prescriptions from hospital doctors.

Private Medical Care

There are many private clinics and hospitals in Kuwait. The Government monitors them, ensures a high standard and regulates the fees charged. Most private hospitals have their own pharmacies. Most private hospitals are also general hospitals with some speciality departments.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance, such as Expacare, can be bought in Kuwait. Local group insurance is also available.


In each major area -- Kuwait City, Hawally and Nugra, Salmiya and Rumaithiya, Fahaheel and Ahmadi, Kheitan and Farwaniyah -- at least one pharmacy stays open all night by rotation; a particular pharmacy's opening night and telephone numbers are shown daily in the newspapers and also on KTV 2 after the 8 o'clock evening news.