Disposable Division

Career Overview

This unit provides hospitals with daily use products, such as: gloves, needles, syringes, IVC, gown, woven and non-woven items. These products come in sterilization and non-sterilization form to serve doctors and nurses to do their work. In addition to other daily used products such as safety products and tubes.

Our Approach

We supply the medical field in Kuwait with quality disposable products and technologies, to help them provide effective medical services and support. In this regard, we aspire to be market leaders in this field and to be considered as the first choice of the customers.

Our Agencies












Our Personnel

Eng. Mohamad Baidoun

Division Manager (Disposable Division)

Email   : m.baidoun@medvision-kw.com

Tel.      : +965 22022228   Ext. 116

Mob.    : +965 69989033


Mr. Shaju Ponanni

Business Line Manager (Private Disposable Line)

Email  : shaju@medvision-kw.com

Tel.      : +965 22022228   Ext. 129

Mob.    : +965 97102365